OUR AGENCY - Madice Agency
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Events, press relations and brand strategy

MADICE, a bold and passionate events and communications agency, meticulously develops a brand’s image with a free, creative and innovative spirit in industries as exciting as they are varied: fashion, fragrance and beauty, watchmaking and jewellery, design, and art..


Each project is the result of a careful and considered cooperation, where mutual trust stimulates thoughts and ideas. In order to accurately and faithfully translate the soul of luxury brands, MADICE Agency doesn’t work alone, choosing to surround itself with talented associates, all experts in their field.


To excite, inspire and surprise: these are the values ​​instilled by the MADICE communications agency, in order to elegantly and harmoniously fulfil the desires of its customers.


With its energy, originality and strong artistic sensibility, MADICE Agency guarantees impeccable expertise every time.


The agency creates a buzz around people who are passionate about their work, offering you prestigious events, a faultless service in press relations 2.0, and the advice and experience of brand representatives who are constantly in search of new talent.


MADICE Agency is a state of mind, a character that reveals the true heart of luxury, high-end and premium brands with respect and honesty.