TEAM - Madice Agency
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Associate Director

Candice BARBE

Associate Director

Marion’s shrewd and watchful eye has infiltrated the fashion industry and all the elegance that it exudes. Her artistic sensibility and contemporary approach to public relations and communications networks are essential assets for cultivating and enhancing brand image. As a talented designer, she is the perfect agent for organising major events, offering a combination of intensity and harmony.


Candice is a born leader with a visionary mind. Through a clever blend of momentum and anticipation, Candice knows how to take initiative and set the tone. Behind her apparent softness hides an acute and assured perception of marketing and communications, with international experience in the fields of fashion, watchmaking and jewellery.


Marion and Candice have created MADICE Agency in order to develop haute couture communications in an intimate atmosphere. Although they want to instil a sense of family along the way, these ambitious entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with, managing the corporate world with strength and panache. It’s a fantastic collaboration for these two free spirits, ready to cater to your every need.


A touch of genius and an insatiable curiosity, in two young women with determination and flair.